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miXology: Rome is Burning

Rome is Burning.

Guests are very curious about the name, which comes partly from mezcal, partly from the lighting of the flamed orange peel that adds a nice finish to this cocktail, and partly from the old adage that Nero playing the fiddle while Rome burned in 64 A.D.

In other words, sometimes you need to take a break from all that’s happening around you and just enjoy yourself. This cocktail provides that opportunity.

While the name may imply otherwise, all the ingredients in this cocktail are not Italian. The unique flavor experience comes from blending that Italian vermouth and an amaro with multiple agave spirits from Mexico.

While the color of this cocktail is dark, Rome is Burning actually drinks light. It starts with a super crisp and slightly earthy blanco tequila. Added to that is Meletti, both bitter and sweet. Meletti packs flavors of caramel, ginger, gentian, orange peel, chocolate and saffron.

Cocchi Torino, an Italian vermouth with notes of cocoa, bitter orange, cinnamon, and lots of citrus and rosemary ties together the tequila and the Meletti. This cocktail is finished with a few drops of hopped grapefruit bitters for the citrus and herbal notes, and a soft touch of Del Maguey Vida Mezcal. The mezcal is the first note of burning with its light smoke, cinnamon and tangerine flavor.

After stirring together this blend of flavors, add a flamed orange peel to finish.


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